Saturday, May 15, 2010

Carrie and Phil are coming

The rows keep getting longer!!  I have seven rows to go - maybe tonight.  When done it will definitely need to be blocked.  Can't wait for Phil to get here.

Who are Carrie and Phil?  New from Soak, these great wash basins can also be used for storage.  I saw people walking around the Frolic with these fun looking basins and called Soak to get some for the store.  The shipment should be arriving this week.

Phil will come in handy when I want to wash/block my knit garments.  No more using my bathtub.

Carrie can be used to wash my winter sweaters or a fun basket for holding yarn.  There is a bit of that in my house.

From the Soak website

Carrie and Phil are available in a range of bright colours. Invite them over and you’ll never want them to leave.
  • Non-toxic
  • Beveled edges for easy pouring.
  • Tall/short wash basin
  • Frost and UV resistant
  • Flexible

Also in the shipment from Soak will be the new fragrance Unleash.

Unleash your creative juices with this sweet and spicy scent you’d follow anywhere. Unleash is the core of this new collaboration between Soak and Ravelry.


Unknown said...

Brilliant !
i can't wait to meet Carrie & Phil !
and of course, Unleash.

Michelle said...

You get the best stuff for the store!!