Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cables and more cables

I pulled out Dryad last night and did a pattern repeat. If you are thinking about a cabled project then I strongly suggest this amazing scarf. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I have printed out many copies of the chart so I can mark off the rows as I finish them. Now when I put it away (as you all know I will end up doing) I will know where I am in the pattern.

Here is the link to Dryad on my Ravelry page.

Mom watched American Idol for the first time last night (Dad was working-there is no way he would sit through Idol).  She picked Lee to be the winner which isn't a bad pick.  He has improved greatly over the season.  I am still going with Crystal.  Picked her the first time I saw her and can't change now.

Two different deliveries came today
-Phil and Carrie along with the Soak Wash arrived.
-More Saki from Prism.  We used this amazing sock yarn for the Ruffles scarf and sold out of all the bright colours.  They are here now!!

Tonight I have knitting class and then to bed.  These late night hockey games are killing me.  Or it could be the sun streaming into my bedroom very early in the morning.  I haven't slept past 7 for over a week now.  Way too early.

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