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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Putting mom to work

I saw this great pattern on Ravelry but know that I won't have time to make it so I packed up the yarn (in a Namaste knitting bag) and took it to my mom.  She likes to crochet more than knit so I knew she would enjoy making it.

The pattern is called Chameleon Baby Blanket.  It uses 3 balls of Silk Garden Sock and 3 balls of Kureyon Sock.

Beth took this picture last night while visiting our parents.  She needed to felt some things that Lynda knit and the parents have a top loading machine.

I just unpacked a box of shawl pins from Annie Adams.  They are made of lead free pewter.

This pin is called Blossom.

(I just figured out how to make the writing left justified so it is close to the picture-happy day!!)

Ladies night on American Idol was much better!!  I picked Crystal to win during her first audition and at this point I can't see anyone beating her.

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