Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lots of Pictures!!!

Why am I working today?  The weather is amazing and I should be golfing but don't worry, we have a tee time booked for Friday afternoon.

I finished this baby vest yesterday.  Blocking is required but I forgot to take it home last night.  It is knit in one ball of Firefly from Classic Elite.  I found the pattern on Ravelry-it is called Boheme.

Here it is on my Ravelry page. When I was adding this on Ravelry I saw something called "Share This" on the page-top right hand corner. You can decide if you want to share your page with the public.  Very cool feature-thanks Ravelry.

Here is the Dipped Infinity Scarf.  Laura Chau designed the scarf and Tanis has put together colours for three different kits.

The scarf is knit out of double strand of 4ply (sock weight) yarn.

This kit is called Reds.  Colour A is far right and H is far left.  The cast on is done with one strand of A and B.  After the rib and eight rows of pattern you cut A and add C.  After eight more rows B is cut and D is added.  You continue until all colours have been used.  Very cool way to blend the colours.



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Sally said...

Must have blue kit !