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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knitting Camp 2010

Where did our nice weather go? It really feels like March outside right now.

We have added another instructor for the 2010 Knitting Camp.  Elise Duvekot (author of Knit One Below) will be joining us.  To see the new line up of classes, please read the newsletter I just sent out.  The Inside Outside Scarf is a great example of the technique Elise will be teaching at the retreat.

I should be doing work (accounting, mail orders) or cleaning up the suitcase that is lying in the middle of my bedroom but instead I am playing with a newsletter.  I am using a new layout.  Not sure if I am going to like it but I was tired of looking at the old one.

Idol is starting in a few minutes.  Beth taped last weeks episode but I didn't watch it.  She told me that they totally killed The Stones and it would make me sad to see it.  Hopefully we have a better showing this week.

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Brenda said...

That is a gorgeous scarf.