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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amy Butler

I am in the store waiting for my knitting class to arrive. The computer is at home so I am typing away on my phone. Not always the fastest way to get a post done. My day was busy and I didn't have any time for blogging. Most of my day was spent on a newsletter. Last night I decided to change the layout which takes a lot of time. Normally when I do a newsletter it is just copying the last newsletter and changing the words and pictures. Now I had to add things like links and our hours. Then I have to move things around to make it look nice.  It should be going out tomorrow afternoon after Beth reads it to find my mistakes.

Did anyone watch Idol last night? Seriously, some of those people are really bad!!  I thought Randy was going to have a fit after the first three singers.  My girl Crystal did a great job though.

A couple of blog posts ago I talked about the new designs from Amy Butler for Rowan.  Here is another poster showing even more of her new designs.  Click on the poster and then click on it again and it will be large enough for you to read.  I am liking the pillows!!

I am home from knitting class now and Beth is upstairs yelling for me to hurry.  Survivor is taped and she can't wait another minute to watch.

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