Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shawl that Jazz

I haven't mentioned my knitting lately in my posts. There is a bit of knitting going on but not much. I am working on a shawl called 'Shawl that Jazz' by Samantha Roshak. Take a look at some of the finished pictures on Ravelry-very nice. It is an easy pattern to knit but I'm not moving quickly. I chose Aspire DK from Naturally-a wool/alpaca blend.

Every row of the shawl you knit one stitch less-the edge stitches are left for the ruffle. I am finally down to the part where the rows are starting to go quicker. You can't really see the stitch markers (sorry I chose pink) but the stitches lying flat on the chair are the live stitches I am still working with-these will continue to decrease down to no live stitches and just the stitches left for the ruffle. When done the body of the shawl you work all stitches on the needle and end up with a great ruffle.

We received in two shipments of Shawl Pins yesterday. Original Artworx are Fimo (clay) pins made in Florida. Moving Mud are glass pins made in Vermont.

When you visit the store you will notice shawl pins in many vests, cardigans and jackets. Shawl pins are much easier than making buttonholes and much neater. They are like jewelry-they add something to your garment. You can change the shawl pin depending on the occasion as well-dressy or casual depending where you are going.

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