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Friday, November 06, 2009

Pictures from the past

We are going to have some visitors in the store tomorrow. The DKC (Downtown Knit Collective in Toronto) are coming on a bus trip. 54 knitters are arriving at 9am. Sarah, Cathy, Beth and I will be waiting with goodies. Cathy worked yesterday to help me get ready. The shelves are straightened. Model garments are hanging everywhere.

I needed to find a few patterns on my Mac this morning. While searching for the patterns I scrolled through my pictures. Here are a couple that I really like.

Roko as a puppy. He was so cute back then. He was so well behaved back then!! Roko loves sleep and can fall asleep anywhere-obviously-his head is in the water bowl.

Roko has recently discovered his voice. He doesn't bark but he likes to talk.

My Silk Garden Multi-Directional scarf. I love the colours. The scarf is hanging in the store but you might not recognize it because it is covered in shawl pins.

How about Survivor? Erik getting voted off was amazing. He was so arrogant at tribal council!! I hope that Russell playing his immunity idol will pay off. The previews show him in trouble next week but I don't buy it. The show will be very boring with him voted off.

I showed pictures of the new red bags from Namaste-Laguna and Zuma. They are here!! I don't need another bag but...

It's time to set off for work. Have a good day-it is bright and sunny in Ancaster today.

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