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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Clapotis is finally done

Last night I finished work, ran and had my nails done and then crashed on the couch. The DVR is almost full so I had to get through some shows. I got a lot of knitting accomplished!!

Rowan Studio 17 just came in. This picture doesn't do the cover justice-the letters and numbers are silver glitter.

From the inside cover of the magazine
"Sparkle...eight garments using Kid Silk Aura, Kid Silk Haze, Shimmer, Pure Silk DK and Wool Cotton. A collection of garments with extra sparkle that will allow you to party in style."

This is called Frill. Kid Silk Haze is used double strand on 5.5mm needles. It is knit sideways-a rectangle with slits for armholes.

When the rectangle is done you pick up all around and make the ruffle.

Another picture of Frill so that you can see it better. Martin Storey designed this great garment.

Sarah Hatton brings us the Lace Dress-it is also knit in Kid Silk Haze.

Wouldn't this look great as a tunic over leggings and a turtleneck?

Another order is on its way to us from Namaste including the new red Buddy case.

I have been knitting like crazy the last few days to get my Clapotis done. The pattern is free on I used Silk Garden Sock on 4mm needles.

In this picture I still have some stitches to drop.

The stitches are now dropped. I still have the ends to sew in but wanted to get the picture taken before darkness hit.

I am already planning to knit another but would make it a bit narrower. I used 2 full balls of yarn-there was a lot of knitting.


Wannietta said...

I am deeply in love with that Frill!!!

Samantha said...

The Clapotis is GORGEOUS. I love the colours! :)