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Monday, November 09, 2009

More spring preview

My day started early yesterday. I was off to Toronto to one of my suppliers to see the new yarns for spring.

The three yarns I wanted to see were Noro, Debbie Bliss and Sirdar. There were many more that I will see when my sales rep comes to visit.

We carry a lot of Sirdar Baby Bamboo in the store because it is a great yarn and it sells well. There will be four new colours for spring-Yellow Submarine, Limey, Sailboat and Rinky Dinky Pink. There will also be a new pattern book.

Debbie Bliss has two new yarns for spring. Eco Baby (Eco Cotton came out in Aran weight last spring) - I think it is the same thickness as Cashmerino Baby. Of course there will be a great baby book to go with the Eco Baby yarn. Amalfi is 70% cotton, 15% viscose, 10% linen and 5% silk. The colours are muted and very pretty. A pattern magazine will come with the yarn but I didn't see it. There will also be a new Debbie Bliss magazine for spring. Unfortunately there weren't any pictures.

You know that I don't like Noro but I did take notes for what is coming. There are 4 new yarns-one will be a lace weight. Taiyo and Cherimen (both from last summer) have 6 new colours each.

Jenny Watson is one of my favourite designers and she has a new book for Noro-Catwalk 2. I have a copy of the magazine and scanned a few pictures in to show you. I am hoping to have the actual magazine in the store soon.

Silk Garden Lite, Taiyo, Kureyon, Silk Garden, Silk Garden Sock and Kureyon Sock are featured in the magazine. The cover jacket is knit in Taiyo.

I love this jacket (knit in Silk Garden) -might make it for myself but will definitely be adding some length.

Kureyon Sock. This will definitely be going to one of my knitters to make. The hardest part is going to be deciding on the colour. This looks great but I always try to use a different colour than the book.

I love this cardigan as well. It is knit in Kureyon.


theresa said...

You don't like Noro??

Julie said...

I have to keep telling myself that otherwise I will keep starting projects with it. I LOVE NORO!!!

theresa said...

Please, keep starting new projects -in your (now larger)house of yarn - it gives us readers lots of inspiring ideas. Thanks for all the spring updates.