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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon at my house-football and knitting. I am on my way downstairs to wind more wool for my scarf. 6 balls are done and boy is it getting heavy. I will definitely be ready for the cold weather once it is done!!

The pattern is very easy to follow-there are only 24 stitches on the needle. All you need to know is knit, purl, yarn over, knit 2 together, ssk and purl 2 together.

Today is the perfect weather for dogs with coats to be playing outside.
Beth had the yard cleaned up last week (no socks) but Melo keeps bringing them outside.

I looked at these needle gauges at TNNA in June. Of course I didn't think about them again until this week when I decided that I needed them for the store. What a great Christmas gift!! An assortment of colours are coming. The gauges are size in metric-2mm-12mm.

A few of the gauges are coming as key chains. I wasn't sure if you would like these but if there is interest I will order more.

Two weeks today at this time Beth and I will be on an airplane flying to Vegas. The countdown has begun.


Irene said...

These needle gauges look so cool.

emmacole1979 said...

Love those needle gauges, I've seen them online but never got around to ordering one. Must bring Steve to the store and show him for my stocking stuffer...

Fifi said...

I'll take a hot pink needle gauge ... they're awesome!

Leslie said...

I am also agreeing that those are very cool!! What a neat idea! I would love to get my hands on a few!