Friday, November 27, 2009

It really isn't here

Winter Blooms from Kim Hargreaves should be arriving very soon. You can preview the magazine on Kim's website. The garments are great!!!

I didn't receive a phone call yesterday so I stopped into the Ford dealership last night. No car. Maybe Monday. Dad and Beth are taking my Expedition back this afternoon. That is going to be an interesting conversation.

My morning has been crazy.
Call Rogers and add some plans to my phone-the rates are crazy without a plan.
-US phone
-US data
-US text

Call Visa and let them know I am away. I have payments to my suppliers going through on Monday and I don't want the payments declined. Or even worse my card declined in Vegas. I will be happily shopping on Monday morning.

I got a surprise in the mail today. A postcard from Coach for 20% off. It doesn't start until next Friday-that means I will have to shop on Monday and Friday next week.

Tonight is week 2 of the Fake Isle hat class-we will be knitting with 2 colours in a row. Everyone thinks this is hard but once they actually do it they realize that Fair Isle knitting isn't that hard after all.

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