Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is it really here?

The lease on my Expedition was expiring at the end of October. I thought I was going to buy out the lease but as October approached I realized that I wanted a new car. Beth and I went off to the Ford dealership at the beginning of October and I ordered an Edge. It was supposed to arrive the third week of October. Every week I call the dealership and ask where my car is but they don't know. I was told 'it is off the line but we don't know when it will be delivered'. As a very impatient person I was starting to get mad. Last night dad and I decided that I was taking my Expedition back to the dealership tomorrow. The next lease payment is due and I don't want to make it. I need to buy a new sticker for the license. Don't want to do that either. We thought it might make them move quicker with getting me my car. I just called the dealership to arrange a meeting tomorrow to return the Expedition. Guess what-my car is supposed to arrive this afternoon. Could this be true???

I am unpacking a box from Namaste while writing this. There are new colours of the Needle Binder. We have Red, Eggplant and Lime in the store. Somehow I forgot to order the Peacock but we can get them-orders from Namaste are taking less than a week so there is lots of time if it is a Christmas gift.

In January I will be traveling to Long Beach California to see the new yarns for spring. Namaste will have new products-they won't share yet but I am sure they will be great. With the introduction of new products they are discontinuing a few current colours-Saddle, Charcoal and Turquoise.

I better get back to work. The box isn't going to unpack itself.


Sally said...

Funny how when you put your foot down, they suddenly 'find' your vehicle.

Julie said...

Unfortunately they haven't found it. They might find it on Monday.