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Friday, November 13, 2009

Classes and a new project

The Fake Isle hat is a great project to learn knitting Fair Isle (two colours in one row).

We will be running a class on Friday nights
November 20 7-8pm
November 27 7-9pm
December 11 7-9pm

We will be covering:
-Knitting with circular and double pointed needles
-Using 2 colours in a row
-Reading a chart

Cost of the class is $85 (includes yarn for the hat).

I have absolutely no will power. I found my Winter 2008/09 Vogue Knitting on Wednesday night. I have lusted after this scarf since the magazine came out.

I started winding the yarn yesterday afternoon in the store. It is Bulky from Blue Sky Alpacas-I am using colour 1213 Jasmine. This is how far I was when I left work.

After work we went out for dinner with the parents-it is their anniversary on Sunday. 46 years. My dad says that mom has had 43 good years and he has had 3.

The yarn is used double strand on 15mm needles. The scarf is going to be very, very warm!!! This is where I stopped (4 skeins of 20 are knit)-I ran out of yarn while watching the Y&R and didn't want to go downstairs to get more-I was very comfortable on the couch.

There is always knitting sitting beside the couch so I picked up my Noro striped scarf and worked on it. I am almost through the first two balls.

How about Survivor last night? It could have been the best episode yet. All week they let us think that Russell was going home but I thought otherwise. If they show one person in the previews it usually isn't that person going home. Laura looked like she was going to spit bullets when Russell used the immunity idol. I hope he finds one again next week.

It is now 4:25 and I started this post at 10:15 this morning. The day has been crazy to say the least.

A van load of ladies came in from Barrie, King City, Woodbridge and Richmond Hill. They are referred to as 'the Joans'-there are 2 Joans along with an Elizabeth, Ann, Pat and Monica. They started their day in Ancaster with lunch followed by a couple of hours in the store. Thanks for visiting ladies.

Then the boxes started arriving. First was a box of sock yarn and Dale baby yarn and books. Then a box came from Lantern Moon-needles and more buttons. I just finished opening the box from Berroco-more Blackstone Tweed.

I need to go now-there is a finishing class here tonight and I'm not ready.


Fifi said...

Love that scarf pattern!!! Yours looks great!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That's one big ass scarf!

Wannietta said...

I know - can you believe that guy?!? I'm not surprised that he's a millionaire with that kind of single-mindedness, tenacity & luck! I think that Laura is picking a fight that she's doomed to lose.
I love that scarf!!