Saturday, June 13, 2009

Visit to the Zoo

Beth and I went to the zoo yesterday afternoon. As we walked in the front gate there was a sign saying "Baby Elephant Viewing 10-2pm". It was 1:00 so our first stop was decided. As we arrived at the elephant pen the mother and baby were just coming out and walking around. We watched for almost an hour and both took many, many pictures. This shows how small the 2 1/2 month old baby is. He would walk around the pen and come across a small bump in the dirt which would cause him to topple over. He would roll around for a minute and then jump up and be on his way. It was so cute.

I am definitely not into reptiles but these tortoises were great. Beth's question was "If they need to get them indoors, how long would it take to get them to move?"

Just after entering the park was a stand selling Funnel Cakes. That was our stop on the way out. Who can resist the cake with ice cream and strawberries??

I was at the show from 10am - 6pm today. What did I order?
-Offhand Design Bags
-Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits
-Kristin Nicholas sock yarn
-Mountain Colors-Bearfoot sock yarn, Winter Lace shawl yarn and Wool Crepe for Brooke's Lace Shawl
-Lorna's Laces-Helen's Lace, Lion and Lamb, Shepherd Worsted and Shepherd Sock
-Original Artworx Fimo Shawl Pins

There is a big list to do tomorrow so I am off to bed now.

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Rhonda said...

That cake and ice cream look amazing. Drooling here!!!!!!