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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swing Swagger Drape

I want to start off by saying sorry for these images. My printer wouldn't let me scan into my computer at work so I took pictures and emailed them to my computer. When the pages were lying on the table there was a bad glare from the lighting so I had to hold up the pictures. Obviously my hand wasn't very steady.

These pictures are from a leaflet I picked up at TNNA about Jane Slicer-Smith's upcoming book called Swing Swagger Drape.

These are front and back of the same garment called Boxes Drape Vest. A self striping yarn was used (think Naturally Vero or Noro Silk Garden).

It can also be knit in a DK weight yarn. The same number of stitches are used so the DK version will be shorter. I have started using the new Zara Print Tweed from Filatura. The picture turned out bad (can you tell that my day isn't going well so far?) so I will try again after a few more rows are knit.

I thought that I was going to watch the US Open today but it is raining hard in NY and the golf is delayed right now. While waiting I am catching up on the Y&R. Really-could someone please do something about Sharon? From day one I didn't like her and my opinion hasn't changed.

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Emelia said...

This pattern is going to be so lovely knit in Zara! good luck with it. I can't wait to cast on the piece on the cover of this book.