Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting ready for renovations

A small amount of progress has been made on the Jane Slicer-Smith Boxed Drape Vest. The yarn is called Zara Print Tweed. You can see that there is a fleck of colour in the yarn. In many tweed yarns (think Donegal Tweed from Tahki) the fleck is a nepp of colour that can be pulled out of the yarn. With the Zara the Tweed is a dab of colour right in the yarn. Wow, these are very technical terms I am coming up with here!!

The back room is going to be divided into two parts. This will become the cash/office area. The needles and accessories will be on the wall to the right and the cash desk will be on the left (there will be a hole in the wall).

Before we could knock a hole in the wall it needed to be braced. My dad worked on this while we were in Columbus.

The doorway is going to be closed off with a permanent wall.

I purposely took a bad picture here. There is a lot of junk still in this room that will be going in a dumpster when we start knocking out walls. This area is going to become the library.

The top part of the book shelf is going to be cut in half lengthwise. Each half will be mounted on the wall in the new library.

This is a job that my dad can sink his teeth into. He loves demolition work!! When I was very young we were at my Aunt Rene's for a Grey Cup party. She made a very big mistake by asking my dad if a wall could be taken down in her basement. At half time the wall came down.

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