Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back at work

Bev, Beth and I have travelled to NZ a few times to visit our friend Oliver who runs Naturally Yarns. Oliver was at the trade show and drove back to Canada with us. He is here visiting a few yarn shops and then travels back to NZ on Friday. The three of them slept during the drive home leaving me some peace and quiet.

It was great getting back to the store today. I am catching up on the Y&R while writing a few newsletters.

A couple of books coming this fall that might interest you.

When I made my list of 'knitting celebrities' I forgot a couple-
Kristin Nicholas
Sally Melville
Cookie A

I was sick on Monday morning with a migraine so Beth went to the show and met with Cookie for me. At the retreat we like to have games but not everyone has our sense of humour. Beth and Cookie talked for a bit and Beth came back saying that Cookie won't have any problems with the events we cook up.

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