Saturday, February 21, 2009

SO your FO

In my last newsletter I talked about SO your FO-show off your finished object. Wear in your finished garment (from yarn bought in the store) and we will take your picture for the blog and give you 10% off your next purchase. This is Marie and Helene in their finished garments. Marie (on the right) is in an Elsebeth Lavold design-Iris from book 8-knit in Cable Cotton. Helene's jacket is my design knit in Naturally Vero.

These are my kids. They wanted to make funny faces but I told them they had to play nice for the first picture.

Our waitress last night was named Beth. She has served us with the kids before so she knew what to expect. When the kids were signing for their supper she sat down and graded them. After dinner everyone came back for some Wii. The Wii was the best investment we made-it can keep the kids busy for many hours.

Sarah worked today and I was supposed to leave an noon but we were very busy-thank you all who visited-so I was there until closing. We picked up Beth and went for dinner. They are now at a movie. I can't sit through a movie in the theatre for a couple of reasons. The first is that I can't go that long without using the washroom. The second is that I get bored sitting there for that long without knitting.

Thank you for all the kind comments on my afghan. It will be in the store for a bit yet. I think I will pick up Lizard Ridge again and get it done.

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Małgorzata said...

Really? 10% off? I'll be there!
I think Lizard will be awesome, I have been eyeing it for a bit too.