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Monday, October 06, 2008

Home Again

Life can now get back to normal. We arrived home from Gone Stitchin' late yesterday afternoon. Our time away was great. The weather was cool with touches of rain but we all had lots of warm sweaters to wear. The food was great as usual. Barry has taught at retreats all over the US and claims the food at Bayview is better than anywhere else he teaches. Fiona's and Barry's classes were phenomenal. Thursday night Beth hosted Family Feud. I can't say anything else about that because what happens at Bayview stays at Bayview, however, if you ever meet Barry, make sure to ask him about his wives. Friday morning we held our fashion show with over 50 garments that are new for fall. Friday afternoon the ladies had a class and then Friday night I gave a talk about tips and tricks for knitting. Saturday there were two more classes and then Saturday night the students showed off their knitting in the student fashion show. After Sunday mornings class everyone started their trips home.

I worked on my fall class schedule this afternoon as well as a newsletter. Hopefully both will be finalized tomorrow.

This was taken Thursday afternoon after a rain shower. The amazing rainbow didn't come out in any of my pictures. Just imagine it. :)
Beth told everyone that Saturday was her birthday. Betty Lou and Sue made her a present. Sue is holding a small gun that shoots confetti into the air. The resort is going to hate us because there is confetti everywhere on the carpet.
Sunday morning in class.
More Sunday morning class.
I did get a bit of knitting done. Two more squares on the Log Cabin blanket.

Now I am going to lay on the couch and watch baseball.

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