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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Knitter's Fair-this Saturday-mark your calendar

If you are at the Knitter's Fair on Saturday, please make sure you say hi when you come to the booth.

No knitting to report except for a multi-directional scarf knit out of Silk Garden Chunky to display shawl pins on at the Fair. Sorry-no pictures because when I left today Jane was sewing the ends in for me.

On Ravelry tonight I found the coolest pattern for an afghan knit in Noro Kureyon. Take a look here for pictures and the pattern. I should send KathyMarie an email to see if I can use her picture here but I want to get this post done since I have been slacking and I am in front of the computer right now.

I have been locked in the basement for the past 2 hours winding yarn for the Tulip cardigan. Thank goodness for my new wool winder. If you email me and ask me the price of it I can't tell you right now but I will find out next week. There is a motor arriving next week as well for it so my arm and shoulder won't be quite so sore. :)

This is my sewing table. I haven't set up my sewing machine yet but maybe after Gone Stitchin'. As you can see it is being put to good use right now.

I think Memphis blew it last night on Big Brother. Both Dan and Keesha would have taken him to the final 2. He could have sat back through the last HOH and ended up the winner of $500,000-he would have beat both of them.

I was glad to hear who won Canadian Idol. I forgot it was on and Beth told me when I was done winding.

It's bedtime now. I had a stressful day-hair and nails all in one day.

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Stashaholic said...

I have the same ball winder Julie - I wouldn't be without it. The plastic ones build up static and the ball goes flying - this one? Like buttah.

It wasn't cheap, but good tools rarely are.

See you Saturday!