Friday, July 25, 2008

I was bad today

This is Valour from the new Colourscape Chunky Collection magazine.
Here is the start of my Valour. I said that I wouldn't start anything new but customers wanted to see how the yarn looked today so I rolled a ball and started. I am using colour 435 Ghost. I didn't realize until right now that this is the colour the sample is knit in. The yarn is great to knit with. The thickness has been uniform so far-no thick and thin.

More boxes of yarn arrived today including the latest shipment from Kauni. We received 4 colour-EQ (bright colours that the Yarn Harlot used), EZ (teals and greens), EG (pink and purple) and EL (navy and dark purple). Korey and I need to figure out a new way to put this on the website so it could be a while before they are up.

We also received some Dream in Color, Oceanwind Knits and Lorna's Laces. Newsletters went out this morning for those who are on the sock and shawl lists. If you are interested in receiving these emails, please let me know.

Golf was a bit disappointing yesterday. It rained until 2pm so we only got to play 9 holes. We were doing very well after 9 holes and would have finished very well.

It's almost closing time and blogger is having an outage tonight so it's time to publish this. I will be finishing the store newsletter tonight (fingers crossed).

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Sally said...

Sorry, This comment was supposed to be here.

You weren't bad! I was at the store today and saw that customer twisting your arm behind your back and forcing you to wind, wind, wind!!