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Thursday, January 03, 2008

I didn't get the sweater done!

My plan of having the baby sweater done on January 1 didn't happen. It didn't get done on the 2nd either. Cathy and I worked in the store yesterday and it was a good thing we were both here. The store was jammed-I guess everyone needed knitting after the holidays. We did more re-arranging to get ready for the arrival of spring yarns. I also did administrative work for the Gone Stitchin' Weekend. The classes have been chosen. If you wish to receive emails about the weekend let me know.

We are starting a section for 'Green' yarns-the big item for this spring. Organic cottons and Bamboos are being shown by many companies. There is a 100% organic cotton from Tahki called Jeans (3 colours-2 denim and one ecru). The patterns are amazing-we are having one knit up now so it should be here when the book arrives. We will be adding more colours of Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton and Dyed Cotton as well. Stella, Naturally's Bamboo yarn, has new colours which are now in stock. This is a 4ply yarn that works well for adults and babies.

A week from now I will be on my way to Long Beach, California to see the new yarns for spring. The weather will be in the mid 50s-I was planning on warmer so I have to do a wardrobe adjustment. The show is always fun because we get to see friends from around the world.

I'm signing off now so that I can finish the sweater.

Don't forget that the new season of The Apprentice starts tonight!!

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Samantha said...

I meant to watch the apprentice. Gene Simmons is a hoot.