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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Home Again

I arrived home last night from my trip to California to see the spring yarns. The show is always lots of fun. You meet new people (Cornelia Tuttle-Hamilton and Casey from Ravelry) and meet up with old friends (Norah Gaughan, Mags Kandis, Lorna Misener, Brandon Mably just to name a few). I always come home from the trip very energized and excited about the upcoming season. Unfortunately everything I bought can't be delivered today!! I am not a patient person and the new yarns and accessories are great.

There are some great new bags and yarns on the way. I am going to write a newsletter this afternoon (hopefully) showing some of the new that is coming. Here is a sneak peek.

This is a taste of the new bags from Namaste. These should be here within the next two weeks.

I have a preview of the spring Rowan. The yarns and books should be here by the end of next week.

Berroco is also on its way. The new Norah Gaughan pattern book is great.

I placed an order for Shepherd Sock yarn from Lorna's Laces. Unfortunately this won't be here for about 12 weeks.

We landed in Toronto at 9pm and when we got to customs there were at least 500 people in line. It took almost an hour to get through. When I got to the counter the customs officer asked 'Do you have any alcohol?' I didn't have any and said 'No'. No more questions asked. The only positive about the wait was that our luggage was already there when we got through. You would think they could do a better job of scheduling customs agents when lots of flights are arriving. There were 9 flights that arrived at the same time and 10 agents working.

Monday morning we called home to talk with my dad and he had bad news for us. One of my parents dogs (Digger who is a Sharpei) was very ill. Dad was flying back to Myrtle Beach a day early so that they could get him to a vet in Charleston. He landed in Myrtle at 11:30pm and they got in the van right away for the one hour drive. Sharpeis get an awful disease that stops their kidneys and liver from working properly. It comes on suddenly and there is nothing that can be done. Digger is still in Charleston and they are doing blood work to see if his kidneys are getting any worse. If they can get the levels back to normal then he can come home tomorrow-until then it is a waiting game. Tui (the other Sharpei) isn't doing well without her brother to keep her company.

While I was away a box arrived from Prism with more of their Saki sock yarn. These are the three new colours.

Three new yarns arrived from Noro as well. Taiyo (40% cotton, 30% silk, 15% wool and 15% nylon) should knit to the same tension as Silk Garden and Kureyon. Silk Garden Lite (Silk Garden in a double knitting weight) is a blend of Silk, kid mohair and lamb's wool. Matsuri is 87% cotton and 13% wool. Kureyon sock yarn will be arriving sometime in February.

Beth taped Celebrity Apprentice for me. I am watching it on my computer while writing this. Gotta love Slingbox!!

My knitter finished my Central Park Hoodie last week. I am wearing it today-very comfortable and warm. Wannietta is knitting one for Beth right now.


theresa said...

I'd love to see a picture of the finished hoodie.

Rhonda said...

I must have FOG! What will I do? Maybe I should just be a collector of fine yarn. Hope Digger is ok.

Wannietta said...

Welcome home!
The new Noro's sound exciting - I can't wait to really see them.

My best wishes to your parents & Digger.

Michelle B said...

I'm sending good juju for the puppy. You should post pictures of the Central Park Hoodie. Can't wait to see the new Spring books.