Friday, October 19, 2007

Who stole my swift?

It has been a crazy week trying to get arrangements made for Gone Stitchin' 2008. I will be sending out an email tonight to those who were on the retreat this year. Somehow the resort booked the weekend we wanted for a wedding. We could change weekends or change resorts. I started phoning other facilities and the price would have drastically increased for next year. After many emails back and forth between Ancaster, Toronto and New Zealand (Bev is away again) we have decided to move the weekend to October 2-5, 2008. This means that Sally Melville won't be with us this year but will be back for 2009. I am working on another teacher to compliment Barry Klein and will keep you informed.

I have at least two swifts in my store and one upstairs in the apartment. When I sat down to wind yarn on Wednesday I couldn't find any of them. Since it makes life much easier I had to open up a new one and set it up. Winding yarn for the Tulip cardigan took longer than I thought. I was trying to wind into a ball and measure at the same time (thanks Rhonda for the little tool that measures out yarn) but that wasn't going fast enough for me. I then rolled into a ball and then into mini-balls that were the correct length. It still wasn't quick but the first four kits are done. I will try and get more done next week.

I have spent the last two hours working on the website. Korey has lots of updates and additions to do this weekend.

Boy did I feel bad for Aaron on Survivor last night. It was a good strategy to get him out of the game but did they have to make it so obvious that they were throwing the challenge?


Sally said...

I agree!! I was really hoping that the three guys would be smart enough to join up and vote a woman out. Either one can go as far as I'm concerned.

Dorothy said...

I hope you manage to find someone good for Gone Stitchin'.

Samantha said...

I told my mom I want a swift for xmas and have given my parents the precise location of your store ... I hope you see them. LOL