Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Glass Blowing

On Saturday, Beth and I went on the Beyond the Valley Tour. Local artists open their studios for people to see their work. I read about it in the newspaper and then went on the website. I fell in love with the glass sculptures by Paull Rodrigue. We spent over two hours at his studio because he was putting on an amazing demonstration. I almost bought one of these amazing works but we thought better of it. If it is on the table and the dogs were to knock the table, it might break-glass does that sometimes. Instead he is going to make us an amazing bowl for the dining room table.

Paull teaches glass blowing at the Dundas Valley School of Arts and also does classes in his studio. You go for a weekend and learn three different techniques-how much fun would that be?

My Naturally jacket is coming along. The body stitches are cast on-the rows are taking much longer now. There is yellow wool attached to the cast on. I started with a provisional cast on because I am still deciding how to finish off the cuffs.

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Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful - I don't blame you for wanting (and getting) one!