Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A quick post

The Knitter's Fair last Saturday was great. It is always fun to meet up and gossip with people that I haven't seen for a while. The date for next year's fair is Saturday, September 13 - one weekend later than normal.

I have my truck packed and ready to go for the Gone Stitchin' Weekend. I will be away from the computer until Sunday afternoon.

I have done a bit of knitting on the Kimono Jacket over the past week-maybe 30 rows on the back. I am itching to start something new, just not sure what it will be.

Dick, Danielle and Zach as the final three on Big Brother. I don't think anyone would have predicted that on week one.

Have a good weekend and I will check in on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend!!

Ilix said...

Wish I could get to that fair..... it's a bit of a drive from BC though! LOL Have a great time! I am sure you will do well with those pins!