Friday, September 21, 2007

The moving continues...

The moving around in the store continues. Fleece Artist yarn has been at the front door for a long time and I decided it was time to shake things up-kind of like Costco. Every time you walk in the store they have moved things so you have to walk every aisle to find what you want. Merino Otto is now at the door. This is an amazing 100% merino wool that is made in Italy. I can tell you from experience that this yarn does not pill. Bev has a jacket in it that she wears continually (she had it on again at the weekend). It looks as good as it does the day it was knit.

I have decided on my next project. In Monday's post I showed three pictures-I have decided on the top capelet-in the colours that are shown. It is knit in Merino Otto. You work the mitred squares first and then pick up to do the solid colours. I have cast on the first square and have about 6 rows done. The couch is calling my name-I'm going to knit and watch the Ti-Cat game.

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Rhonda said...

The display looks great. I really should use the Otto I bought last year. Soon I hope.