Wednesday, September 05, 2007

'Around the Bay' Knitting Guild

Last night was our first guild meeting for the year. There were 26 ladies out with quite a few newbies. Everyone introduced themselves and talked about what they are currently knitting. There wasn't enough time for me to tell everything that I am knitting!! Next meeting we have been asked to bring in yarn that we no longer want/need. There will be a silent auction for the yarn with the proceeds going towards cancer research.

Beth returned home from Myrtle Beach which means I have my bed back. The dogs stayed with me and liked to stretch out in bed at night. There were mornings that I woke up laying parallel to the headboard.

I am almost packed for the Knitter's Fair. Many of you are worried about being at the show right at 9:30. I suggest you wait until noon-the show starts to slow at that time. In the morning, the booths are so full that you can't move. Also, bring cash or credit cards. Most vendors don't have machines that can take debit cards.

Everyone is asking me what we are brining to the Knitter's Fair. I am keeping that a secret but I will tell you that
-Smooshy sock yarn is packed
-Blue Sky Alpacas sent some great garments

My shipment of Offhand Design bags arrived yesterday afternoon. I want them all!!!

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Anonymous said...

now there's going to be a noon rush!!
Can't wait to spend all of my allowance