Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How hard is it to buy a couch?

Congrats Rhonda!! This has to do with Ravellry which I know absolutely nothing about. I came to the blog table late and will be late to Ravellry as well. She was contacted by Norah Gaughan today. Rhonda knit the Berroco Pike vest for me and has the pictures on her blog. Norah wants to use the pictures on Ravellry-Rhonda has made the big time!!!

Beth and I still need a couch for the loft. We need something comfy that the dogs can lay on and preferably not expensive. The Brick is out because of problems we had with them which leaves Leons. We found the perfect couch, chair and ottomans about 6 weeks ago. The salesman checked the computer and they were out of stock but he would call us when it came in. He never called so about 3 weeks ago we went back. "Oh, that couch has come in and is out of stock again" to which we replied "Why didn't you call?" We didn't get a good answer but put down a deposit and we were supposed to get the couch the next week. Guess what-still haven't heard from them. On Monday I stopped by a different Leon's and the store in Burlington has it in stock-that is where we put down our deposit. Beth called them and they promised it would be delivered on Thursday. Today she gets a call at 2pm and has to be at Leon's by 5pm to pay for it or we aren't getting it. No one mentioned this on Monday so Beth got a little pissed. A manager called her back and had no reason why we are still waiting for the couch. He is going to make a special exception for us and take a visa card when they deliver. Finally-we can watch tv on a comfy couch-you know what we will be doing on Friday night.

Not much knitting to report but the store is shaping up.

Someone asked about signing up for knitting classes-just give me a call in the store.


Wannietta said...

I can't wait to see the chesterfield that was worth all the fuss!!

Rhonda said...

Boy, I'd like to see that couch too.

Samantha said...

What a pain!!