Monday, September 17, 2007

Home Again

We had a blast at the Gone Stitchin' weekend. I didn't get any pictures but I am hoping for some from the others who were there. It was amazing how many people who come on the weekend read my blog. They were all complaining that I hadn't updated in awhile.

Thursday night was a fun evening so Beth and I made up a game-Knitting Beat the Clock. We divided everyone into 5 teams and had them compete against each other. There were many laughs along with a few choice words.

The fashion show was Friday morning. I commentate the show and we had over 60 garments. Prism and Trendsetter both sent amazing trunk shows. Classes started after lunch. Sally taught '2 colours 2 hands' and Barry taught Mitres. Beth and I had to come home for a friend's wedding-the evening was a lot of fun visiting with people we hadn't seen in a while. We were up very early on Saturday morning (5 am) for the drive back up.

Breakfast is at 8am (no lounging at our weekend) and then classes start. Sally taught 2 classes-good grafting and borders. Barry taught a free form purse class which I sat in on. Monica-do you have the purse done yet? Saturday evening was more fun with the student fashion show and door prizes. Because it was our 10th anniversary, we drew for a free weekend for next year's retreat. Susan won the weekend which was amazing-she was the first one to pay this year.

We are all dragging by Sunday morning. There is one more class in the morning and then the pack up to come home. We have a huge market place at the weekend showing off new yarns, books and knitting bags. Luckily there was no traffic on the way home and made the trip in under 2 hours. Usually we are stop and go through Barrie.

I will have information on next year's retreat in about a month. Our instructors are set-Sally Melville and Barry Klein will be back next year. Both are already talking about the courses they would like to teach.

I didn't touch needles while I was away-absolutely no time-but I am inspired to get something new started.

The first two wraps are from Jane Slicer-Smith. The jacket is by Fayla Reiss. These are just a few of my 'wants'. We had some of Sally's garments in the fashion show and when you see them live, they are amazing. Another choice is the Einstein Coat. Simple to knit but it looks amazing.

How about Big Brother? I didn't get to see the show on Thursday night but Beth watched it at 11 and told me what happened. Dick and Danielle in the final. That is going to really tick some people off in the jury house.

Survivor starts on Thursday night-Hurray!!! It normally starts the Thursday of our retreat and I miss the first episode.

I can't write anymore tonight-I have to save some up for tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

I really like those wraps. Sounds like a good but really busy weekend.
I could use two hands, two colors.