Friday, March 09, 2007

Line Spacing Issues

I am a bit obsessive about how my blog looks. It didn't start with my blog-had it in school with my notes. I would write the notes in rough and rewrite when I got home so they looked good. I would only write on one side of a page. I would write on the top page of a stack and then would take the next page from the bottom of the pile-didn't like having indents on my page. When I finished high school my teachers asked for my notes because they were so neat.

Back to my blog-sometimes when a picture is added the line spacing changes. I have gone through Blogger help and there is nothing. I just did a google search and found something that helps. I guess there is a formatting problem when you add a picture-read through the posts and you will find the answer on the January 17 post. I tried it in the post I just did and it works!!!

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...Sarah said...

I too hate that. The only thing I have found that prevents it, besides fiddling with the foriegn language HTML is putting all photos at the end of my blog. It looks neat, as in tidy, so may fit with your sticklerhood.