Thursday, March 08, 2007

Progress on Asymmetrical Jacket

I am trying something new today. I am going to write the whole post and then add in picture, hoping this will help with the layout and how it changes from double to single spacing on its own. Being a perfectionist, this really bothers me.

It was a weird day in the store today-some of the phone calls were unbelievable. A lady bought yarn somewhere else and they didn't have the needles that she needed-15mm 80cm circular. When I told here that I didn't have them either (not a big seller) she got really mad-I am a yarn shop and should have them in stock. She wanted me to special order them for her. My response

was that she should go back where she bought the yarn and demand that they special order them for her. Another lady called to ask if we carried cross-stitch. When I told her that we didn't she swore at me.

I have finished the first half of the Asymmetrical Jacket. Here are views from the front, back and side. I am already 20 rows into the second half. The first bit goes fast, not as many stitches on the needle.

I am getting ready for knitting class. Lise is supposed to be bringing shortbread cookies tonight. Actually she had them made for last week but the class was cancelled with the bad weather. Her husband was very happy when I called. Hopefully she made a new batch!!! I have to get the class out the door before 9. This way I can watch CSI and then get Survivor at 11 on a west coast channel.
Beth read somewhere that the people on Survivor this year didn't apply for the show-the producers went out and recruited people that they wanted on the show. We have been watching reruns of the old Survivors and it was much better in the beginning when we had people in all shapes and ages. The new people who are all 'pretty' can get boring.
I forgot to add a title to the post so am editing it. Obviously adding the pictures at the end didn't work. Maybe I have to do them first. Any suggestions?

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