Monday, September 25, 2006

Very busy Sunday

Yesterday was spent sitting, knitting and watching tv. The Ryder Cup started at 7am. It finished just in time for Nascar and football. The evening finished with the Amazing Race and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

The Ryder Cup was amazing. I am happy any time that Tiger loses. Football wasn't so great. We are probably going to lose this week at Fantasy Football. I hate losing!!!

As always, there are some real idiots on The Amazing Race. Do you really think it works to yell at your girl friend? Is it going to make her move faster?

We missed the first week of Studio 60 but it didn't affect us knowing what was going on in the show. I would suggest watching the show-it kept me interested for 60 minutes and I can get bored easily.

Here is Color on the Side. I am over 1/2 way done. The first picture shows the colours very well. The darker picture is the sleeve and front, the back is done and lying behind the front. I am now working on the other side and will be working down the sleeve by tonight.

Another good night of tv. Vanished is a must see show. Then the season premier of CSI:Miami. I didn't watch this at the beginning (not a fan of David Carruso) but am now totally into the show. It helps that there are reruns on all the time!!

The store is almost back in order which means that I have to start moving things around again. We just received our fall shipment of Louisa Harding yarns. She has 4 new books and 2 new yarns. The Noro also arrived. Well, the books came and a few new colours. There is a new yarn called Silk Mountain. There are great patterns but unfortunately only one colour arrived.

Off to knit. I want to get the jacket done so that I can start something for myself. This is the cover sweater (mine will be a touch longer though) from the new Jane Ellison book Noro Unlimited. Jane will be in the store on Wednesday October 25 doing a workshop and it would be nice to be wearing one of her designs . You can read more about Jane on her website.

Also, before I go-Happy Birthday Wannietta!!!


Samantha said...

We keep missing Studio 60 ... we will have to catch up next week I guess. I don't watch CSI Miami unless there is nothing else on. David Carruso creeps me out. LOL

The knit looks great!

Wannietta said...

Didn't start on the Studio 60, but I'm totally a fan of CSI Miami. FOr me it's the NY version that has taken me a bit to get into.

Thanks Julie - I'm officially into my late 30's. How'd you find out that today was my birthday? I'm gonna start getting paranoid ...

Julie said...

David Carruso creeps me out to but I just don't watch while he's on.

I don't watch CSI:NY either. Couldn't get into it.
You don't need to get paranoid. A while ago there was something on your blog with your birthday. I put it into my calendar and when I looked at it earlier tonight (don't usually look at it so it is kinda weird) I saw it was your birthday.

Wannietta said...

Well, that explains it - it must have been last year. I can barely remember last week so 52 of them ago is kind of a blur. lol