Friday, September 29, 2006

Sports Celebrity Dinner

My dad will be going to Honduras again in December for another mission trip. To raise money for the people in Honduras the group holds a Sports Celebrity Dinner which we attended last night. There is a silent auction before dinner and following dinner there is an auction plus guest speaker. This year the speaker was Jesse Barfield. Remember back to the '80s Toronto Blue Jays and you will find Jesse roaming right field. Other guests at the dinner were Damon Allen (QB for the Toronto Argos), Perdita Felician (Canadian track start) plus members of the Toronto Argos, Hamilton Tiger-Cats and former Toronto Maple Leafs.

Members of my family (sister, father, my dad's cousin) as well as friends got into the spirit of the auction. Beth won the auction for an autographed Damon Allen shirt as well as a football autographed by the whole Argos team. She also won the auction for the Jesse Barfield signed shirt and bat. My name is on the shirt and hers is on the bat. I can't list everything dad got at the silent auction but lets say the people in Honduras will benefit greatly.

Both Jesse and Damon are amazing people who took the time to talk with anyone who approached them. They stayed right until the end, leaving after almost everyone else had left.

We rushed out of there to catch Survivor at 11 from the west coast. More twists in the game. The new tribes are going to be interesting. Why do they have to make alliances so early? This usually blows up in their faces later on. Haven't they watched previous seasons to know this?

I am making progress with my knitting. Partway down the sleeve-I hope the store is slow today so I can finish by tonight!!


Unknown said...

I know - they're all so insecure & clingy that they need to have a "friend" that they can "trust". Then next week they are astonished when the alliance goes for a swirl. Ah well, it's funny!!

Samantha said...

Ah yes, Survivor ... I don't understand the whole aliance thing so early on either. Then again I'd never make it passed day 6 either. :lol:

Hope to see you tomorrow night. :)