Monday, September 18, 2006

Back from a wild and crazy weekend

The knitting retreat was amazing. I believe everyone had a good time in their classes and Barry from Trendsetter has agreed to come back next year. Next year will be our 10th weekend and we already have some great things planned.

I have lots of pictures for you. A few other people took pictures (Patrick and Norma) and I am hoping they will email me some of them.

This is one of Barry's classes. They are doing a class called 'Diamonds are a girls best friend' where they are knitting a cute evening purse. The ladies are sitting quietly knitting.

Some of the ladies are lucky enough to have cabins to stay in. These cabins overlook the lake.

This is the lake. Beth decided to take a break and read outside in the beautiful weather. For the last 8 years it has rained on the Friday of the weekend but this year we lucked out with amazing weather.

This is during the student fashion show on Saturday night. Loretta knit an amazing coat from last winter's Vogue magazine.

This is Cindy's husband Ed in the same coat. We decided he needed a purple fedora and a big white cadillac and he would be all set.

This is Monica. Beth decided that the ladies needed to do a scavenger hunt. Monica took it very seriously and got everything on the list. The ladies who work at Bayview-Wildwood get involved in the scavenger hunt as well helping to find the hard objects. They have requested something challenging for next year.

I am off to unload the van. I can't wait to have it out of my driveway. The Expedition is still missing-I am hoping Mark will call me this afternoon and give me the good news that it has arrived.


Samantha said...

Julie, it sounds like it was a great time. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. what a beautiful place! And a fun time!

Unknown said...

Julie, the weekend was great (I am definitely sorry I wasn't able to participate more). Ed is quite enamored of his picture - he is still serious about me making him one - says just call him "Huggy Bear......"