Monday, March 27, 2006

Busy Day

I spent all day in Toronto which meant no time for knitting.

My day started off visiting Romni Wools. I had to deliver yarn for Beth (Beth runs our distribution company called Old Mill Knitting).
After Romni I stopped at Sherway Gardens. Bought some clothes-nothing exciting.
Then off to Luv2Pak where I get supplies for make kits in the store. This is at Keele just south of the 407.
From there I went to one of my suppliers Diamond Yarns. Nothing like an hour wandering through a warehouse full of yarn.
Next stop - Creative Bag to get bags for the store.
The last stop was Yorkdale. Bought another pair of cowboy boots and a pair of sandals. Couldn't help myself.

I pulled out of Yordale at 5:45 and had to rush back to Hamilton so that I could have my nails done. Gotta love the 407!! I was driving 130 and people were flying by me. 275 km on the SUV today.

With the switch of companies hosting my website I have lost the list of people who have signed up for The Needle Emporium online newsletter. I have spent the last 2 hours starting a new list and writing a newsletter to email. There is a great company called Constant Contact and I am using them for the newsletter. The first one is done but I am going to proof read once more tomorrow before I send it out.

I now have 22 of 94 squares done on my afghan-pictures tomorrow. I might get one more done tonight while watching The Apprentice. It is unbelievable how some of these people got on the show-they know absolutely nothing about business.

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