Friday, March 24, 2006

Am I nuts?

My pattern for the Jane Slicer-Smith throw arrived yesterday. I am working on square 8 and I have 93 to get finished by April 21. Nothing like putting pressure on myself. The Knitters Frolic is on the 22nd and I want the throw done to display there. I am knitting in the ends as I go so when I am finished knitting there will be no finishing.

I should have rotated the throw before I took the picture. The 2 squares at the bottom will be the bottom left corner of the throw.

Mom and Dad are buying me a rocking chair in Myrtle Beach and bringing it home for the booth. It will hold 3 different throws all with purple shades-should look great.

Beth visited a yarn shop in Rochester, NY today. The owner said that she thinks the next trend will be throws and afghans. She believes that knitters don't want to pay $200 for a sweater but will pay that much for a throw to decorate the house.


Samantha said...

The throw is lookin' good. :) I love knitting blankets -- baby blankets so far, but I plan to knit myself an afghan soon. Maybe she's right about the next trend, though I can't see myself spending $200 on something the dog is going to steal. *lol*

Rhonda said...

Excellent start to the throw. If you can finish the olympics I'm sure you can do this too.

Unknown said...

Ditto for me - if you can do the Olympics this is a piece of cake and you have more than 2 weeks. I don't know about the throws and afghans - I think knitters are crazy, quirky and we will buy whatever we like - given that I have spent over 200.00 on both sweaters and an afghan or two (unfinished) I cannot judge. The throw looks good so far Julie.