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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The afghan grows

My afghan is growing. You can't really tell by the picture but it now measures over 48" square. I have stopped adding to the width but will continue to make it a bit longer. I can already hear my mom, 'That will look great in the house in Myrtle Beach!' For some reason my digital camera doesn't photograph the purple well. It isn't as blue as it appears.

Alexis (a customer of mine) gave me a great beaded bookmark for Christmas. I suggested that she make some beaded stitch markers and here are the results. We are working together on getting her business going to sell them. Any suggestions would be appreciated. She first brought in greens and oranges and I told her we needed blues, purples and pinks-these are the colours that people like. You can guess what colours are selling (green and orange). I knit up a piece to show them off and they look great. I used Louisa Harding's new Nautical Cotton-a new worsted weight cotton and it was nice to knit with.

This picture is for Wannietta and my parents. Beth and I put a bookshelf in the bathroom to hold the boxes of Super 10 cotton. This would have been Wannietta and Kyle's job but the 3 hour drive is a bit much to tidy the store. You can actually get to the toilet now!


Wannietta said...

"Oh sure, now that we're gone she gets shelves! That would have saved me a lot of hours!" - Kyle

LOL - I think it's funny. That Butterfly is some sort of inventory curse.

Samantha said...

Those stitch markers are purdy!! :)

Cynthia said...

Nice stitch markers. I love the afghan - tell your mother it would look really good at my house!

Julie said...

Kyle-sorry that it took so long. Now that you aren't coming the boxes have been sitting in the middle of the floor. After tripping over them every day I thought that I better clean them up.