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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Strange Brew

We've been unpacking madelinetosh today. Lynn and Alex put yarn away and I updated the website.

Look at these great new colours in pashmina.
Copper Pink

The coral, brown and teal would make an amazing Linen Stitch Scarf.

And how about some ASAP?
Barbara Deserves Better
Pinata Pop
A fun pattern for ASAP is the Leaf Scarf (the pattern is free). I used 2 skeins of Begonia Leaf on 10mm needles.
I used 2 skeins of ASAP Spectrum and 15mm needles to knit Winter Cove (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

Join us on a colourwork adventure! Whether you choose to knit one of the 12 designs, or follow our step-by-step recipe pattern to design your own colourwork yoke sweater, this collection invites you to step off the beaten path and get outside your comfort zone!
Our copies of Strange Brew have arrived. The book has a code to enter on Ravelry so that all patterns will be in your Ravelry library. You can print off the pattern that you want to knit and your book will stay in great condition. You can write all over the pattern and you won't hurt your book. You don't have to worry about losing your pattern - just print another one off.

There are instructions for 25 sizes in 3 gauges, including both bottom-up and top-down patterns. That makes 150 options. The sizes go from 0-6 months to ladies 4XL and mens 4XL. The yarn options are fingering, dk and aran.

Yarn Update
GarnStories - our boxes have been sitting with Canada Customs since November 20. My broker has been trying to get my parcels released for over a week. I'm trying not to get upset
LITLG - our second box was released from Canada Customs last Thursday. When I track the box it has finally moved and is in Stoney Creek. We could see it tomorrow.
Qing - should be shipping this week

Namaste Update
Right now UPS says that our shipment should be arriving next Wednesday.

Knitter's Portfolio (pictured)



Foldover Bag (pictured)

Knitter's Tote

There is football on the TV and knitting beside my chair. It's time for a few rows and then bed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Nightshift Two

I started another Nightshift last night and can't stop. I stayed up way too late last night knitting. I am using Noro Ito again - #6 and #8. It is much brighter than my first one.

I knit Time Trades in the fall and enjoyed the pattern. When the LITLG arrived earlier this week I put together a new combination for it.
Time Trades Wrap, an elegant shawl combining simple lace stitches with gorgeous hand-dyed gradient colors.

The mini skeins are a Fino Mini Skein kit - Henrietta
The full skeins are LITLG Singles - Evergreen and Lightbeam.

You start with the mini skeins and have two sections of each colour. Then the lighter yarn (Lightbeam) becomes the main colour and the darker yarn (Evergreen) becomes the stripes. The scarf is really fun to knit. It could be my next project - I love this combination.

We hung pictures last night. 
This is the picture that I bought at One of a Kind. These are plum trees in Niagara on the Lake. It adds some colour to my bathroom.
My dad's Uncle Bert loves to paint. He has been asking Beth and I to come over and pick out pictures for our house. We went through many, many paintings and I picked this one for my bedroom.
Lucy didn't want to come all the way upstairs. By lying on the landing she knew that dad couldn't leave without her. Either our landing is really small or that dog is really big.

My dad loves handknit socks. And I don't knit socks so Jane knits him a pair every Christmas. He got this year's pair a bit early. Did I mention that he loves handknit socks? He said that if he had a few more pairs then he would be really happy 😉

I must go to bed. No more knitting!!! I really want to keep going but then I won't be able to work tomorrow. And it's a big day - an order is coming from madelinetosh.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Time Out

Nightshift is finished (thanks Lynn for sewing in my ends) and I'm wearing it as I am writing. I love it.

The Throwback is going on a time out until the next shipment of Dream State arrives. I don't like (okay - I hate) how my colours are playing together. I think the last colour has too many colour variations in it - I need something a bit more solid. It's okay. There is lots of time before the Frolic.

Here are a few of the Singles from Life in the Long Grass.
Cactus Moon Soil
Light Beam

We have a new yarn from Urth. Monokrom Fingering.

We received colours 3051 - 3064. You can see them all here.
Mr. Roko is doing great since he's been on his Thyroid medicine. He runs (kind of - he's 12) and he loves to get onto the couch. For the longest time we had to help him but now he can jump up on his own.

We forgot to turn the lights on on the tree last night. I kind of like it with no lights but can't tell Beth since it took awhile to add all the lights. I might suggest going lightless next Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Life in the Long Grass

Mr. Canada Post brought in the first box from Life in the Long Grass this morning. (There is another box that could come tomorrow but you never know.) We have many new colours of Sock.
75% Superwash Merino & 25% Nylon, 4ply Fingering weight yarn, 425m (467 yards) and 100g 
75/25 4ply yarn is smooth, soft and the most durable sock yarn making it the perfect choice for all projects:  socks, baby clothing, shawls, cardigans, and sweaters.  The softness and drape is fab next to the skin.
Agate Stone
Light Beam
Wild Rosebay

I'm adding colours to the website and have encountered a small problem. This is one of the reasons we are switching to a new platform.
There are colour swatches right below the $40. Not all shades are showing up here. If you scroll down through the list of colours you will be able to see them all.

I want to scream but in a month we will have something that is better. When the new website is finished all the colours will be in alphabetical order. I can't wait!!! We have over 190 colours of tosh merino light. There is no way for us to sort them properly but we will be able to soon. A small pet peeve that I have been dealing with for a long time.
I didn't have time for pictures of the Singles but here are a few in a basket. Wow. I want!! There are more colours in the next box.

Now I am going to pick up my needles and work on The Throwback. Once I'm through the next two rows it is smooth sailing.

Sunday, December 09, 2018


I am 99% enjoying The Throwback. I hate don't like working with 3 colours in one row. It happens 6 times in the yoke. Other than those 6 rows I'm loving the pattern. Andrea writes a great pattern that is very easy to follow.

One note if you are knitting the cardigan. Make sure you watch Andrea's video on Make 1. It is a little different than we normally do it.
©Andrea Mowry
I would have gotten further on the yoke if football hadn't been so good today. Wow. We had some great games.

I could continue but I'm really tired and the next row has 3 colours so it's a good time to pack it in.

Saturday, December 08, 2018


Nightshift was a bit damp this morning when I brought it to work but I wanted to get it hanging in the store. We'll sew the ends in on Monday. Okay, Lynn will sew the ends in on Monday 😉I love the size of the shawl and it really softened up with the soaking in Soak.

Pattern notes for knitting Nightshift in Noro Ito

Make sure that you are knitting on a needle that is large enough. I knit a touch loose and used 5.5mm. If you are anywhere near tight then please use 6mm

You will repeat Section One throughout the shawl. I used Noro Ito #4 and #12 for my shawl.

The first time through Section One
A - #12
B - #4

The second time through Section One
A - #4
B - #12

Keep alternating A and B throughout the shawl.

I called Beth on my way home from work and asked her if we could put up the Christmas tree tonight. She was non-committal. When I got home the tree was half up. She had already started when I called - she was trying to surprise me.
There are a few stuffed bears under the tree. These are our bears that dad brought home from Myrtle Beach - the money paid for the bears is donated to St. Jude's. Beth is donating them to the toy drive they are doing at work. Roko was in a funk all evening because he really wanted them.
I didn't remember how many decorations we have. There is still another box that didn't make it onto the tree. 
Now I need to go to bed. I was on my way an hour ago and then got into my Throwback. I'm into the colours and loving it. It is definitely a 70s basement.

Friday, December 07, 2018


Sarah made it to the colours on her Throwback. Now I am inspired to get working on mine. I cast on last night and could make it to the colours tonight.
I went with chocolate brown for the base of the sweater. There is something about the cardigan that reminds me of a 70s basement with dark panelling and orange couches. After I wrote this I Googled '70s basement'. Take a look at the pictures. My colours are perfect. Sarah's are too 😉

We have a new Namaste bag coming. Fingers crossed it will arrive around December 20.

Our Knitter's Foldover Bag was mindfully designed to add a little bit of peace (and knitting) into a long weekend. With plenty of room for your cardigan, your latest reading book or planner, and several knitting projects, the Foldover is ideal for those who want to carry all their everyday belongings. Crafted from vegan leather and including knitting specific features like our Lotus Yarn Feeder (turns your handbag into a yarn bowl), a key leash (doubles as a tape-measure), and a decorative tassel (equipped with an emergency stitch marker), the Namaste Knitter's Foldover Bag is designed to help you find Knitting Nirvana wherever you are.

  • Designed Specifically for Knitters - Sturdy Vegan Leather - Lots of Pockets - BPA & PVC-Free
  • Comfortably fits the Namaste Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large Oh Snap Pouch (not included)
  • 2 invisible magnets keep the top secure
  • 1 interior zipper-wallet pocket, 1 pocket divider with 7 snaps (a built in Oh Snap project pouch!), 3 pen pockets, 1 phone pocket, and 1 notions pocket
  • 1 large back exterior pocket with magnet closure, 1 large front zippered exterior pocket, 1 large front 2-section magnetic pocket for your phone and wallet
  • Includes adjustable crossbody strap

KNITTING FEATURES: All Namaste bags come with an eco-friendly dust bag, a darning needle, a mini Knitter's Dot Journal (for keeping track of rows, pattern notes, etc.), an 8 inch tape measure/key leash, our patent pending Lotus Yarn Feeder, and a removable tassel with a Lotus Stitch Marker.

It's under three weeks to Christmas and we're looking at making a few changes in the store. Maybe not the best time???

First is the website. A few people have had problems with the current site so it's time to move and update/upgrade it. There will be a redesign. I've been playing with a trial version and working with Korey to get the new site running ASAP. He says it will be up by Christmas and then we will keep adding until it is finished by the middle of January.

If you are trying to do an order online before the new site is up and running and are having problems please call in or email the order.

Second is the store. We are having a new table made for the front room. Well, maybe bigger than a table. More like a kitchen island. It will be counter height - that way I can work standing which I prefer to do. We have talked about this for months and have been waiting for our cabinet guy who is really, really busy. I can't wait anymore so dad has a few ideas.

Third is also the store. We are going to rearrange yarns on the front wall where you walk in. Right now there are boxes but that is going to change - I'm keeping it a secret until it is finalized.

We have yarn sitting in Canada Customs. There are 2 boxes coming from Ireland that we are waiting to be accepted by Canada Post. And there should be another box leaving the UK soon. We need room so I have decided it's time to say goodbye to tosh sock. I will be putting tosh sock on sale tomorrow at 10am - both in the store and online. 30% off - now is the time to stock up. No code is needed. The website will automatically apply the discount.

Dad and Lucy just left so it's time for a few rows of knitting.