Friday, May 05, 2017

Starting Point

It's time to start thinking about colours. The first clue is coming out next Friday. You can sign up on Ravelry and the first clue will be in your library when it is released.

From Joji
Try to pick colors in all ranges of lightness and darkness. This means that it would be ideal to have a color as light as off white (for example pale pink, neon yellow, aqua green) and also a color as dark or almost as dark as black (like navy blue, Burgundy, brown, charcoal).
This will give you a more contrasted piece, and your colors will pop against each other.
Color 1: This could be your lightest color.
Color 2: Accent or medium darkness color (not the
Color 3: This can be any color, but a variegated or a
speckled one will look really nice here.
Color 4: This could be your darkest color.
Color 5: Another accent or medium darkness color.
You could also make Color 1 the darkest and color 4
the lightest. 

I haven't decided on my colours yet. I'm still weighing my options. And hoping that the Hedgehog order arrives on Thursday. I'm flying to Myrtle Beach Friday morning for a few days and am going to take the yarn with me to start.

My knitting hasn't been exciting lately but that is going to change tonight. I'm going to cast on a skein of Yarn Love Juliet and make Close to You (it's a free pattern on Ravelry). Beth wound my skein for me while I was writing. She said the skein was great to wind - no twists and it went smoothly.
Hello Paper Flowers.

Now it's time to cast on. Baseball, hockey and The Amazing Race from last night.

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