Friday, May 19, 2017


Grab some yarns that light your imagination on fire and play with colour in Kimba Shawl, named for the Australian Aboriginal word for bush fire. Anything goes in this fun project – speckles or semi-solids, a gradient or a fade, wild contrasts or classic neutrals. The shawl starts with a garter body shaped with short rows to form a crescent shape. The dramatic flames of lace that form the border are worked in four colours, making for engrossing knitting as you race to the next stripe. Choose from the small, still generous, size or knit the large for a piece that can be wrapped and worn in a variety of ways.
Ambah's newest shawl pattern is available on Ravelry. Don't wait to purchase the pattern - it is 20% off this weekend.

I have mine and the instructions are well written (as are all of Ambah's patterns). There are written instructions and lace charts.

The small shawl (shades of green/teal) needs 3 colours and the large shawl (oranges) needs 4 colours. I've been pulling colours off the shelf. I can not start this weekend :) I must work on my Joji MKAL. That's what I'm telling myself tonight. Tomorrow could be different.

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