Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hello from Myrtle Beach

Our trip was uneventful which is always a good thing. We left early and landed early to warm, humid weather.
I knit on Close to You during the flight. It's the perfect travel knitting. There are only 4 rows to memorize. Twice through the repeats and you will have the pattern figured out. We were up early this morning and got the day going. Breakfast, shopping (Beth bought two pairs of golf shoes), more shopping (I bought 2 pairs of pants), more shopping at the golf store and then home to go golfing. The weather man called for thunderstorms. We didn't see storms but it did rain. We played 8 holes and then quit. Golf in the pouring rain isn't fun. We changed, went for dinner and a trip to another golf store. I bought a new 5 wood. It's been a long day (and it's only 8:30). I'm going to sign off to knit and watch the hockey game. More golf tomorrow. We should be able to play 18.
 For mom - Beth being a tourist at Fuddrucker's.

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