Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ebb & Flow

Lorna's Laces has a new pattern out. Ebb & Flow can be purchased on Ravelry.

From Amanda at Lorna's Laces
We all know working with multis can occasionally be challenging. They are so fun though! Grace paired 1 skein of our newest color Bonanza, a neon rainbow multi, with 1 skein of the gorgeously grounded Cookie's Deep Dark Secret. Personally I think it is perfection. Knit on the bias in garter (my favorite stitch) you alternate colors for a great effect. A couple inches of bordering stitches in each color really start and finish the piece off. We hope you love it! 
We have many colours of Solemate - multis and solids. You can also use Mrs. Crosby Train Case - same yarn, different dye technique.

I think I have my colours for Starting Point. Colour 1 is to the far right. It's going to be interesting. Not my usual colours but kind of with the grey, teal and purple.

Color 1: This could be your lightest color - Cinder
Color 2: Accent or medium darkness color (not the
darkest) - Wish
Color 3: This can be any color, but a variegated or a
speckled one will look really nice here - Potluck 1200
Color 4: This could be your darkest color - Purple Reign
Color 5: Another accent or medium darkness color - Rusty Nail
The dogs look cute with their summer hair cuts. We have bandanas for them so that mom and dad can tell them apart. They look like twins.

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