Monday, May 08, 2017


Baeta from Hedgehog Fibres has a new pattern. Baseline is free.
Triangular garter stitch shawl with an i-cord border. The striping is rather striking, especially using high contrast yarns. The shawl is quite sizeable and in the shlanket territory, but you will be adding width in sections and you can simply choose to stop adding sections at any time for a smaller shawl. Kidsilk Lace adds a wonderful fuzzy texture and a delicate translucent effect.
We don't have Sporty Merino (that could be coming this fall) but we have Hedgehog Sock, Skinny Singles and Twist Sock that will work very well for the shawl.

For the Kidsilk Lace, we have Kidsilk Haze and Kidsilk Haze Stripe. Or you can eliminate the Kidsilk and use another colour of fingering weight.

Our Hedgehog order has cleared customs and is in Mississauga. I'm hoping it will be delivered tomorrow morning. If not we should see it on Wednesday.

I visited the Terra Greenhouse on the Hamilton mountain this afternoon. It's a week too early to buy plants for the store but I have some picked out. I love walking through and seeing all the colours.

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