Wednesday, January 25, 2017

On My Way Home

I'm posting early today. Most of the day will be spent flying and I don't think I'll want to sit down and write when I get home.  It's been a fun morning. The power went out in the hotel about 5:45 and was out for about 45 minutes. Thankfully my flight isn't until 12:40 so I have lots of time to get ready. I spent some time wandering yesterday. 
The Venetian is decorated for the Chinese New Year. I haven't been to The Wynn in a long time.
It was nice to be out in the sun.
I did spend some time working while I was away. I've been emailing with Hedgehog Fibres and our next order has been shipped. There will be 19 colours of Skinny Singles including 2 potluck colours. 10 colours of Twist Sock. 23 colours of Sock including 2 potluck. 
Shamrock and Ink are coming in Skinny Singles.
Nutmeg is coming in Sock.
I hope the order hurries. I haven't decided on the colours yet for my Ambah O'Brien Mystery KAL. There is still time for you to purchase the pattern - there is a coupon code for $2 off until February 3 when the KAL starts.    Now I need to pack. I've tried to answer all emails while I was away but if I've missed something I'll be back in the store tomorrow.

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