Friday, March 18, 2016


Today has been all about spring cleaning and rearranging. We are redoing the lace area (inside the front door) which started with Beth and I going to Ikea this morning and buying shelves.
Lynn and Beth spent the afternoon playing with power tools.

Ginga, a new yarn from Noro, is in the store.

40% cotton
30% silk
15% wool
15% polyamide

100m on a 100gram ball.
From the Japanese meaning ‘galaxy’ or ‘Milky Way’ (銀河). This blended yarn captures the imagination with elements of glimmering silk and tonal wools. Shades range from dark and stormy to bright and spirited. On 6.5mm – 8.00mm needles this chunky yarn is bound to transport you out of this world.

This yarn is screaming GAP-Tastic to me.

The new shelves have been changed up a bit to look like this. Tomorrow we might change them again but it's home time now.

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Diane said...

ITs posts like this that make me happy I found you on the internet, but sad that I don't live closer... Beautiful collection!