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Friday, March 04, 2016

House of Cards

It could be a late evening tonight. Season 4 of House of Cards is now available. I won't write anything about the show in case you haven't started watching. It does mean lots of knitting but it might have to be an easy project so that I can pay attention.

Of course I started working on the Crazy Magic Boomerang last night. I'm using Zauberball 100 in colour 1699.

The pattern isn't hard and it is well written but I was having issues last night. I kept missing a K2 and would get to the end of the row and my stitches were out. No, I didn't use stitch markers and I might suggest that you add them at least for the first 20 rows or so. Once you can see the pattern then remove them. Or keep them on as a safety net.

Beth had dinner started when I got home. We've eaten. The kitchen is clean. Laundry is in. It's TV time.

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Lois Evensen said...

oooh, Lavender and Blue! How pretty!