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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Way, way too cute scarves

My blog post for today was written but it's been set aside for another day.

Kit includes yarn and pattern, as well as pre-made bear arms, legs, and face--just knit the scarf, sew on and wear!
I don't think these scarves could be any cuter. The kits are $45 and we have them in the store.

Each ball includes a blanket pattern, and a stuffed animal head to sew on.
These kits are $30 and we have them in the store.

Buttons arrived today as well.

These are 24mm and we have 7 colours.

These are 12mm - great for baby garments. 8 different colours came in the box.

The flowers are 30mm and we have 6 colours.

Now I want to knit something summery so that I can use some of the new buttons.

It feels more like winter today in Ancaster. The temperature isn't cold but it's been snowing all day.
We haven't seen much snow this winter and it's very pretty outside today.

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