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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Calm before the Storm

We haven't had much snow in Southern Ontario this winter but it looks like we might be seeing some tomorrow afternoon. It's super windy out right now (I took a friend outside to get pictures and it was hard keeping a scarf on her) and they are saying 15-30cm of snow tomorrow. YUCK!

The 3-Color Cashmere Cowl is finished. Almost. I cast off last night and need to block and sew in the ends.
ZickZack came out to play. I'm a the halfway point. Lynda is knitting another one for the store and she is casting on less stitches for a narrower, longer scarf.

We have new colours of Noro Tokonatsu.

40% cotton
30% silk
30% viscose

125 m on a 50gram ball

Patterns are available in the book Jewels by Claudia Wersing.

The plan was to have my post finished earlier in the evening but I have been knitting on ZickZack. I forgot how addictive it is. You need to keep going to see what colour is coming next. Sure you can pull some yarn out of the ball but it isn't the same as seeing it knit. And the pattern is easy to memorize. If you can count to five then you can make the scarf.

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Seajaes said...

What is the pattern of the vest your friend is wearing?